Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014 T-Shirt Contest will start Oct 1!

We will once again be doing the T-Shirt Design Contest to win a FREE entry to the meet! 

Guidelines will be posted October 1st!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Save the Date: December 12-14, 2014

Save The Date:  
The 2014 NE-LMSC Short Course Meters Champs 
will be returning to the BU Fit Rec Center on 
December 12th-14th.  

Meet Information will be coming soon.  
Entries will open November 1st.  

Hope to see you all there!  

Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 SCM Champs & Colonies Zones Meet Results

A few notable Thank You's:

  • Boston University Fit Rec Center Staff
  • Doug Sayles, NELMSC registrar (and Tracy Grilli!!!)
  • Our officials - led by Bob and Priscilla! 
  • Simmons Swim & Crew for providing back up timing on Saturday & Sunday
  • Beach Party Swimwear for showing up with the latest and greatest swim supplies
  • Great Bay Masters - Bart & Jacqui for running the concession stand
  • NELMSC & NEM for support
The biggest Thank You goes to all of the swimmers (YOU!) who support this meet and make it an exciting and fast weekend to be a part of! 

Unofficial Results:

  • World, National and Zone Records Bested
    • Eric Nilsson, Men's 25-29
      • 400 Free 3:57.03 (National record 3:58.23)
    • Kim Crouch, Women's 50-54
      • 200 Breaststroke 2:52.59 (National record 2:56.79)
      • 50 Breaststroke 36.71 (National record 36.92)
      • 100 Breaststroke 1:20.65 (National record 1:20.72)
    • Fritz Bedford, Men's 50-54
      • 50 Backstroke 27.36 (World Record 27.71)
    • David Sims, Men's 50-54
      • 400 IM 4:50.40 (National record 4:51.57)
    • New England Masters Swim Club
      • Women's 240+ 200 Medley Relay 2:22.18 (World Record 2:27.93) made up of Tracy Grilli, Barbara Hummel, Joel Feldmann and Jacki Hirsty.
      • Men's 100+ 800 Freestyle Relay 7:43.72 (World Record 7:50.37) made up of Tobias Work, Michael Emmons, Dan Moran and Eric Nilsson. 

Please provide any comments/corrections on these results to Meet Director [click for email]

Friday, December 13, 2013

Swim Phone Website for Live Meet Results

We will be using SwimPhone to publish heats & lanes as well as results as soon as they are available! 

Please use this link:  SwimPhone SCM Champs

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 SCM Champs Pre-Meet Information

We are once again excited to bring you to Boston for the SCM Championships and Colonies Zones!

This is a lengthy post but it contains pertinent information - please review all of it prior to the meet this weekend!

Boston University has privileged us with the use of their facility please respect their other programs happening prior to our meet and stay off of the pool deck until you are invited to enter by the announcer!

Please see the post below for final entry information: http://scmchamps.blogspot.com/2013/10/2013-nelmsc-scm-champs-at-boston.html 

Split sheets by team have been posted for each day as a courtesy to coaches! 

Things to Note:
  1. Every person must sign a BU waiver upon entry to the pool area!
  2. Every event requires positive check in. There are no exceptions. Check-in will close approximately one hour before the event is expected to begin. With the exceptions being relays, which will close two hours before they are expected to begin, the 800 Free which will close at 4:30pm and the 400 Free's which will close at 9:15am.
  3. The 800 Free is run fastest to slowest, alternating heats of women and men. Check in closes at 4:30 PM at the start of warm ups.
  4. There will be concessions with snacks, water, gatorade and pizza on Saturday & Sunday. There will also be a swim suit vendor selling various apparel and supplies.
  5. Chairs are provided on deck.
  6. Parking is $12 at the parking garage. Please see their website for additional information: http://www.bu.edu/fitrec/membership/services/parking.shtml?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=fit-links&utm_campaign=homepage
  7. There is NO DIVING in the extra warm up lanes during the meet.

Team Scoring Divisions

There is a new team scoring procedure in place this year- NEM Workout groups and USMS clubs will be scored together as teams. There will be four team size divisions: Squad [1-3 swimmers entered], Small Team [4-9 swimmers], Medium Team [10-30 swimmers] and Large Team [31+ swimmers].

There will be an awards ceremony Sunday after the completion of the last relay in which the top three teams in each division will be recognized. The top scoring individual male and female will also be recognized.

Club & Workout Group Affiliation

You may only compete as part of your USMS registered team or workout group. If you need to change your USMS registration contact the NE-LMSC Registrar atNEregistrar@usms.org ASAP! Once the meet has begun you will not be able to change.

We are excited to see you soon!

-Great Bay Masters Swimming, Inc [Host Team]
-Crystie McGrail [meet director] greatbaymastersswimteam@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 NELMSC SCM Champs at Boston University- Dec 13-15

**A note about team divisions & counts - Your team size/division will be determined by the number of entrants in the meet for your club or workout group.  There will not be any switching of divisions for no-show swimmers.  Swimmers who have contacted the meet director prior to the start of the meet and asked to be scratched from the meet will not be included in your final team count. 

See FAQ below for common questions. 

Hotel Information:
We have set up a block of rooms with the The Inn at Longwood Medical, 1 mile from the pool!  $99/night.  Reserve your room online 


  1. Q: I forgot to include an event in my registration.  A:  Additional events are no longer being accepted. 
  2. Q: My seed time is incorrect.  A: Email correct seed time prior to Wednesday 12/12 or you can note it on-site during positive check in. 
  3. Q: My Workout Group/Team is incorrect.  A: You may only compete as part of your USMS registered team or workout group.  Check your USMS registration card, if you need to change your USMS registration contact the NE-LMSC Registrar (NEregistrar@usms.org).  

2013 Meet Shirt Contest 
Winning Design, by Jacki Hirsty

Friday, December 7, 2012

2012 NELMSC Results

2012 NELMSC SCM Champs Results

Thank you to all swimmers who participated - it was a fast meet this year with 14 National Records and 6 World Records bested (see PDF below)!  
Results have been submitted to USMS.  The following PDF's have results by day including cumulative and subtracted splits.  Official split times are included at the end of the Sunday results.


Record Breaking Swims

Team Scores
Individual Scores

Another huge thank you to Joan from Boston University and her team for running a well oiled machine this year! And to all of our officials for keeping us in line! 

Please contact Crystie with any questions or comments (we love suggestions for next year!)  greatbaymastersswimteam AT gmail.com